About Us

Dave Gelbart began Gelbarts Gym in 1998 as a self made, 21 year old graduate, after completing his Applied Science Degree in Human Movement / Physical Education at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. A former athlete in multiple sports and a father of 4 children, Dave’s second family is his expert team of carefully selected Personal Trainers.

Together, Dave and his Team create a warm, caring & nurturing feeling in the gym where every client feels at home and comfortable to talk with any other client at any time.

Gelbarts’ Trainers feel their most important obligation is to help clients become the best version of themselves possible so that they can be a positive influence on the important people in their lives. Your overall health is Gelbarts’ priority & your trainer will help you achieve better health by improving you fitness, power, energy & dietary habits.

The Gelbarts Gym Team understand that large membership gyms and “military style trainers” can leave you feeling  lost, confused, intimidated, injured & unmotivated. Gelbarts Gym is specifically designed for “non – gym” people so clients can train in a private, intimate & comfortable environment, therefore being more likely to continue with training.

This simple training phylosophy is practiced everyday at Gelbarts Gym:

  • specific to clients’ goals
  • accurate in intensity
  • expert in correct technique

And like everything else in life…..“its all in the detail”.


 You can expect:

  • to feel welcomed to a warm, un-intimidating & non-judgmental atmosphere where you can talk to anybody freely
  • your trainer to be punctual, reliable & physically & emotionally prepared to motivate & instruct you
  • your trainer to be a good listener
  • your trainer to be a compassionate but uncompromising disciplinarian who perseveres with you regardless of setbacks
  • the gym facilities to be clean, hygienic, operational, regularly serviced and available when you need it
  • a safe training environment and to not be injured in workouts
  • your workouts to be specific to your goals
  • to be trained at exactly the right intensity
  • your trainer to focus on perfect technique
  • variety in your workouts
  • periodisation and planning in your training program if required
  • your workouts, performance & results to be recorded regularly

We expect:

  • you to respect the trainers, clients and facilities in the gym
  • a regular and consistent commitment to your training times
  • resilience and perseverance when you don’t  feel like training
  • you to understand and respect our cancellation policy
  • you to re book an alternate time if you need to miss a session
  • you to arrive early for a warm up, hydrated & rested with a bottle & towel
  • you to help us train you at your best by being organised, eating well and sleeping well
  • you to inform your trainer of any injuries, medications or illnesses that might affect your training