Heart Rate Based Training

Heart rate based training and boxing are fantastic ways to improve your cardiovascular endurance, protect your heart and other vital organs from metabolic diseases, feel energized and keep your weight under control. At Gelbart’s we have mastered the art and science of training you at your own specific intensity using heart rate monitors.

We feel this is the only accurate way to ensure that you train with enough intensity but not too much.To enjoy all of the protective benefits of Cardiovascular Training, you should exercise at an intensity of 180 bpm minus your age for between150-300 minutes per week. For example a 50 year old person should exercise at 130 bpm. Unfortunately flat, non-inclined walking for most people is not sufficient enough to achieve this intensity.

If you are over 45 years old, very overweight and have not exercised regularly for a long time then walking is a good starting point but your body will soon adapt and walking will no longer be sufficient. Better forms of heart rate based training are jogging, boxing, skiing, elliptical trainers, cycling, rowing, team ball sports & swimming. Ideally one would perform these activities for a minimum of 40 -50 minutes, 3-5 times per week.