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Cardiovascular Heart Rate Based Training

A great simple way to test the overall condition of the heart is to perform Gelbart’s walking heart rate recovery test. Simply walk on a treadmill increasing the speed and incline gradually (every 2 minutes) until your heart rate reaches the rate of 180 bpm –your age at about the 12-15 minute mark, remember no running, […]

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Weights Training Blog

Most people begin a weights training program to either increase muscle size, increase body strength or tone the body. In some cases all 3. However people who can only manage only 2-3 workouts per week struggle to achieve great success. A possible reason for this is selecting the wrong combination of exercises. I am going to list my […]

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Personal Training – Diet & Nutrition

If your goal involves changing your body shape then what you eat is crucial. If you don’t want to change your body shape then diet and nutrition is still crucial.Generally people overestimate the impact that exercising alone will have on their body shape. Clients who train regularly and control their diet carefully always achieve results faster than […]

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