Diet, Nutrition and Hydration

For your body to be at its best you cannot ignore the importance of diet and nutrition. All living cells require the presence of 2 essentials: oxygen which is delivered to the cells whilst exercising at the correct intensity and water, which all cells need to communicate with one another. So therefore, staying well hydrated is essential for people who exercise regularly and those who don’t. The amount of water needed everyday depends on factors like your size, age, daily activities and working environment. An average sized man 180cm tall and 80kg in weight should consume 1-2 litres per day, adding an extra 500ml for every 30 minutes of exercise performed on that day. Sports drinks are only helpful when extreme exercise is performed and profuse sweating occurs. It’s important not to over do it when it comes to total daily water intake as over hydrating can cause hyponatremia (dilution of sodium levels in the body). Furthermore your kidneys are very good at regulating the hydration levels of the body.

70-80% of the food you consume should be fresh, living food that retains its original water levels, has not been processed, dehydrated, modified, salted, coloured, flavour or sugar added, or been preserved with additives or other chemicals. Fresh fruit and vegetables should make up the bulk of your weekly grocery shopping to ensure you get sufficient vitamins, minerals, fibre and other essential nutrients.

During the day your meals should be spaced out evenly. #-5 meals per day, 3-4 hrs apart and should consist of 70% salad and vegetables, 15% clean lean protein and 15% carbohydrates. Try to replace white breads and white rice with whole grain or wholemeal varieties.

Meal sizes are vital in maintaining a healthy weight. Yours meals should be medium sized and not leave you too full. Take a few moments to plan out your meal and ensure that you don’t over eat. Try to maintain a waist girth of < 100cm for men and < 90cm for women (around the belly button area).

Caffine, sugar, alcohol, salt, saturated fats, processed meats, soft drinks, take away, junks food and processed foods should be all eaten with extreme moderation. They can all cause harm to the body if eaten too often and too excessively.

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