Rob – Music teacher

My trainer quickly understood how I needed to be trained and then I felt that he trained me totally differently to everyone else. They capture the essence of personal training brilliantly.


Rachel – Administrator

I never realized how much attention to detail is needed to be trained perfectly and safely. After just a few months of training at Gelbarts Gym, my fitness and energy have improved so much. I feel so much better about myself.


Mike – Handyman

I’ve trained at Gelbarts Gym since its inception in 1998 after trying many gyms where I was given a program (and a bill for 6 months membership) and then shown the equipment and how to use it. I was bored in about two weeks and spent my time sitting in a sauna.
At Gelbarts Gym, every session is different, challenging and they keep me fit for my handyman work, keeping up with my grand kids, my lawn bowls and fishing. At 72 y.o, I don’t feel it!!!


Matt Cohen – Consultant Physician

As a diabetes specialist, I always advise my patients to exercise regularly and eat healthily, and I try to “practice what I preach”. Motivation is the key, and after years of “going it alone” in gyms with minimal supervision, I found that Gelbarts Gym Personal Trainers provide that motivation. Ensuring correct technique, varying the session content and individualizing the program means that I get the best outcome.