Dave Gelbart

Since 1998 Dave Gelbart (Bach. App. Sci. H/M. P/E) has devoted his career to keeping the community fit and healthy. Dave has always kept health, fitness, sport & community close to his heart. Dave has also performed over 30,000 personal training sessions caring all for people from elite athletes to senior members of the community needing to keep mobile and active. This makes Dave one of the most experienced and qualified people in his field to look after you and your health.


Scott Andrews

A fitness enthusiast with several years experience in the industry, Scott has worked with people of diverse goals and ages. He has a proven track record in assisting clients achieve their fitness objectives and is enthusiastic and proactive in motivating them to exceed their targets. Scott can help you with core functional training, postural assessment & rehabilitation, specialized muscular activation training, periodisation training, body sculpting & nutritional assessment & meal plans.