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“The Real Thing”


Gelbarts Gym is your Number #1 Personal Training Studio to achieve your lifelong Personal Best Body and where we safely build Fitter, Faster & Tougher Kids.


At Gelbarts Gym we thoroughly identify exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve and also any unique aspects of your own personal lifestyle or wellness history that have been barriers to you achieving your goals in the past. Once identified, using our Client Consultation Interview and Personal Training Introduction Package, we carefully craft your own individual exercise and accountability plan which encompasses the Gelbarts Gym 5 Pillars of Health and WellnessExercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress & Toxins.

In order for you to achieve your goal, we will provide the environment for consistent, continuous & ongoing training as part of your weekly lifestyle routine. We recommend at least 150 -200 minutes of quality, meaningful training per week consisting mainly of heart-rate based interval cardio training and strength/ resistance training. Your expert trainer will construct an even balance of both these methods that best fits with your lifestyle and time management.

You will benefit most by adding a further 20% – on top of your weekly training minutes – for preventative maintenance practices (i.e. foam roller, mobility, stretching, yoga, pilates, massage & other allied health treatment techniques). This is crucial so that you are always able to train at your optimum. Again your expert trainer will identify and coach you in best practice for your individual needs.

Every 3 months, you will undergo a comprehensive & professional Body Scan to assess exactly what condition you are in. Other metrics such as body girth and body weight will be measured more often by your trainer if they are important checkpoint markers for you.

Under the guidance of our team of expert, experienced & professional Personal Trainers, you will be motivated and guided through every session with precise detail in your exercise technique and training intensity. Your trainers will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your personal goals and Lifelong Personal Best Body.

Your Personal Trainers follow the Gelbarts Gym 11 Key Principles of Personal Training which include compassionate delivery of safe and excellent sessions every time you attend. You will feel sensational on the day you train and you will feel more motivated to achieve your longer-term goals.

As a member of Gelbarts Gym, you are part of a close knit and intimate community of fellow fitness seekers. Our small group sessions are great fun and fantastic friendships and relationships have been born at the gym. Your fellow training partners will be among your highest motivating factor in training at the gym. We are proud of the community and culture that the trainers and clients have created at the gym.

We have carefully chosen modern, commercial equipment that best suits our client base and our equipment is kept top notch with regular servicing. Our gym is also regularly cleaned so that you are always training in a hygienic environment.

We especially welcome clients who have previously struggled in their attempts to get in shape or clients that feel uncomfortable in larger membership style gyms and those with competitive, single disciplined training programs.

Our mission is to find your unique, ideal, individual training routine so that you begin the process of getting into your ever best shape once and for all.

Once you train with Gelbarts Gym there is no going back!

Our Kids Only (KO) Fitness Classes across 3 separate age groups deliver a great workout every single time your children attend the gym. We operate our KO Fitness Classes according to our 5 Key Training Principles for Kids. Paying Attention, Safety, Giving 100%, No Interrupting & Getting Fitter, Faster & Tougher. All of our KO classes are run with specific targets and goals to achieve so not a minute of their time is wasted.

Your child has strengths in at least one area and we will quickly identify this so that they feel confident & inspired to train with other children. We push them hard physically & according to our 5 Key Principles and then praise them strongly when they have followed suit and achieved targets.

Your child will return home calm, proud of their own performance, hot, sweaty, red faced and smiling.

Welcome to Gelbarts Gym!


“The safest and most enjoyable studio to achieve your best ever body and the only gym your kids will get a great workout every single time they attend.”