Trainer Team

The Gelbarts Gym Team –  “We are expert, career trainers & lead by example by living the personal trainer’s life”

At Gelbarts Gym, we only employ Certificate 3 & 4 Certified Career Trainers who also perform further specific training in order to meet Gelbarts Gym requirements. We understand the disappointing experience of training with substandard trainers so we guarantee that your trainer will passionately focus on your goals, technique, intensity & detail in every session. Our trainers are also registered with Fitness Australia, hold a Working With Children Certificate and First Aid Certificate.


David Gelbart (Bach.App.Sci, H/M, P/E) founded Gelbarts Gym in 1998 as a young professional who surged straight to the top of his field as a holistic health, fitness & lifestyle expert. Since then David has motivated thousands of clients ranging from young children, elite athletes in professional sports, clients with chronic illness / injury & clients needing to lose weight.
When you train with David, not a minute of your time will be wasted and everything you do will be focussed on achieving your goal safely.
A former amateur athlete and junior sports coach, Dave now enjoys tennis, yoga, cricket, the Melbourne Football Club and staying fit by living the lifestyle of an elite Personal Trainer every day.
Dave is Married to Belinda and together they raise 4 beautiful children and care for their chocolate  brown Labrador Max and Bunny Rabbit Cookie. The family’s favourite holiday spot is wakeboarding on the Murray River every summer.

Sean Raso (Hon. Ex Sci) joined our team in 2017 and is a highly skilled Senior Personal Trainer who specializes in strength training, body shaping, boxing, body weight management and overall fitness conditioning.
Sean is a successful powerlifting athlete and lives the life of an athlete everyday. This makes Sean the ideal trainer as he is always thinking in the  health, strength & performance space.
Sean’s no nonsense & unpretentious approach to training cuts through all of the confusion around getting into shape and he will have you fitter and stronger than you thought possible.
Sean is a master at food preparation and balancing energy needs and can help you work through any issues you might be having in that area.
Sean is married to Lauren and together they look after their cat Isla. Sean is a lover of fast sports cars and the Collingwood Football Club but we have made an exception for that on this occasion given what a great trainer Sean is!!

Natana Mann (Bach Sci Honors Neuroscience) is the newest member to the Gelbart’s Gym team. With a background in functional strength, interval training and pilates, she prides herself on building effective and sustainable training routines that can support clients in achieving their goals.

Natana is passionate about viewing health through a holistic lens, underscoring the importance of both a healthy body and a healthy mind and with her professional training in mindfulness and meditation techniques, she is able to support clients in this holistic way. Natana also loves to empower her clients with knowledge about the mind-body connection so that your whole body can be working together to get the most out of each training session.Natana knows the benefits of consistent movement go beyond just the physical changes we may notice and believes we all have the ability to enjoy our workouts, while feeling the consistent challenge of each session, seeing the results in our bodies, and feeling stronger and healthier as you show up in your daily life.
Recently moving to Australia from New York City and having spent a tremendous amount of time teaching in the virtual realm in the past few years, Natana is so excited to be working with clients face to face and meeting more people in the Caulfield community. She lives locally in Brighton with her fiancé and loves spending her time outside the gym exploring new areas in Melbourne, walking along the beach and discovering new cafes, especially those with delicious acai bowls.